Mermaid Dangle Belly Button Rings

mermaid dangle belly button rings

Look hot at the beach this summer with these mermaid dangle belly button rings. An antique silver seductive mermaid sits before a striking, vibrant shell in your choice of 5 iridescent colors sure to catch the light. These are natural shells, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. The front is bright and shiny, while the back is rough and organic, cute but not too long. There is even a faceted crystal in matching color sitting atop the shell. From the Etsy shop, SweetLobes, get one in each color for every day of the beach (and every color of swimsuit you own!).

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Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

asscher cut engagement ring

This stunning asscher cut engagement ring is from the Etsy shop, Lorange Design. Now this is an engagement ring! It features a 2 carat colorless Moissanite stone in an asscher cut. What is an asscher cut you ask? Well, it is similar to a square emerald cut, but with larger step facets and a higher crown, typically resulting in more brilliance. The engagement ring’s setting and band comes in your choice of rose gold (as shown here), gold, white gold and platinum. It also features .3 carats of natural diamonds encrusted around the band. Trust us, she’ll love this asscher cut engagement ring (and say yes)!

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Tree of Life Necklace

tree of life necklace in copper with green gemstones

Tree of life jewelry is so popular these days, and with this gorgeous tree of life necklace I can see why. From the Etsy shop, BetwixtTheNethers the pendant is hand crafted from hammered, aged, and polished copper wire (love the twisted tree trunk), and accented with bright green Chrysoprase gemstone beads, a type of chalcedony quartz. So much hand work went into this beautiful crafted piece that it will truly captivate you. Don’t you just love true artisan jewelry pieces?

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Yellow Statement Earrings

yellow statement earrings with ceramic center

Now these yellow statement earrings will add a much needed punch of color to your any outfit this summer! The earrings are handmade from yellow sunflower silk thread and entirely hand embroidered. The center is this show stopping multi color Spanish tile replica that is made from wood and surrounded by crystal rhinestones. The earrings also feature Swarovski elements, yellow seed beads and the back is finished with soft creme suede. They definitely get a WOW from us! From the Etsy shop, Beads of Aquarius.

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Puzzle Piece Necklace

puzzle piece necklace engraved with names

This very cool puzzle piece necklace is actually 5 necklaces in one. Each necklace piece fits together to form a heart, and each piece is hand stamped with a different name. It would make a wonderful gift for your bridesmaids, or a set of 5 friends, or even 5 siblings or grandchildren. The sterling silver pendants are individually stamped by hand in this handwriting style typeface, intentionally imperfect for a more artisan look. But really, how awesome does it look when all the pieces are put together?! It is from the online store, Delena Ciastko Designs.

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Nautical Rope Bracelet

nautical rope bracelet in gold and red

How pretty is this nautical rope bracelet, in this unique color combination of red and gold?! The gold really gives the rope bracelet a level of elegance and sophistication, different from the informality of most nautical bracelets. It also allows you to seamlessly mix and match with your other gold jewelry. Handmade from nautical boating cord and rope, there are also three natural Howlite stone dagger charms that hang down, almost giving the impression of boat buoys. Makes a great gift for your bridesmaids if having a nautical theme wedding. We also think this rope bracelet is the perfect summer bracelet, whether you are out to sea or not! It is from the Etsy shop, ElleandBelleJewelry.

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Fringe Earrings

Fringe Earrings with Seed Beads and Gold Leaves

Fringe earrings are everywhere, quickly becoming one of the hottest trends for the summer. This gorgeous pair of fringe earrings from the Etsy shop, ICraveJewels (don’t we all), features a cool boho color palette of dusty rose and denim blue with pastel beads, iridescent beads and tiny gold leaves. They will look great with everything from your ripped denim shorts to those gingham maxi dresses that seems to everywhere this summer. Plus, there are so many other colors and styles in the shop, so get shopping!

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Wood Resin Ring

wood resin ring with exotic wood

This wood resin ring is perfect if you like jewelry that is a little mysterious, a little mystical, and gives the illusion of a forest locked underneath a midnight blue sky. You will stare at this resin ring all day long captivated by the mirage of colors and the many images it represents! Handcrafted from a beautiful teak wood, it makes a wonderful 5th anniversary gift as the traditional gift is wood! Get matching rings for each other, or choose from the other gorgeous resin colors in the shop. This beautiful wood resin ring is from the Etsy shop, ForestMagicwithRivka.

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Gold Wave Ring

Gold Wave RingThis top heavy gold wave ring was inspired by rolling ocean waves. A bold and unique statement ring, it is handmade from 14K yellow gold over 925 solid sterling silver in a contemporary shiny finish. A truly modern design, this eye catching ring extends from knuckle to knuckle to make a real statement, impeccably hand crafted with careful attention to every detail. Plus, it is also made to order in any ring size you need and is so affordable. Great for the woman who loves unique rings or maybe the surfer in your life? From the Etsy shop, Roroscollection.

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Boho Bracelet Set

Boho Bracelet Set with Beaded and Leather Bracelets

I love the bold and deep rich colors in this gorgeous Boho Bracelet Set from the Etsy shop, Rites Bijoux. Featuring a mix of beaded and leather bracelets in a variety of shades including aubergine, lavender, lilac, tan, silver, chocolate and ivory, you can mix the bracelets, match them two by two, wear them in any order you want, wear them on their own or three at a time – the possibilities are endless! They are truly the ultimate in summer boho chic, ideal for your next fashion statement at Coachella or Bonnaroo.  

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