Dog Bandana Collar Go Jump in the Lake

dog bandana collar go jump in the lakeHow fun is this dog bandana collar beautifully embroidered with the phrase, “Go Jump in the Lake”. Made of washable cotton, there is even a cute sailboat motif. It makes the perfect gift if you are visiting dog owners at their lake house or cottage this summer! From the Etsy shop, Backyard Threads, it comes in sizes xsmall to xlarge to fit any size dog. Plus, we can’t help to think how adorable it would be for those Instagram photos you post for family and friends.

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Cute Etsy Dog Collars

Your dog is lucky because there are so many fun dog products out there now, particularly cute Etsy dog collars like these ones from the shops below.

Cute Etsy Dog Collars

Cute Plaid Dog Bow Tie Collar

cute etsy dog collars bow tie dog collars bandana dog collars

This cute blue plaid dog collar is from the Etsy shop, BWBarkery and comes in all sizes for all sizes of dogs from extra small to extra large. Even the size of the bow will adjust for the size of the dog.

Cute Sunflower Dog Collar

cute etsy dog collars With spring hopefully around the corner, your dog might like a punch of color with some floral accents, so this bright blue and sunflower dog collar from the Etsy shop, Cody’s Creations, is a perfect choice. With various buckle options, you can also customize the collar upon request.

Cute Bandana Dog Collar

cute etsy dog collars

Buffalo plaid is so hot and trendy right now and so are bandana collars for your dog, like this personalized one from the Etsy shop, Three Wags. Plus, you can have your dog’s name embroidered on so that it never gets lost. Super cute and makes a great gift!

Cute Heart Dog Collar

cute etsy dog collars bow tie dog collars bandana dog collarsHow about a dog collar for every occasion, even Valentine’s day with this pink and red heart collar from the Etsy shop, Pet Blessings. The pink felt flower accent is a sweet touch and makes for a cute girly dog collar. Again, lots of buckle and size options to suit your dog.

Cute Dog Collar Tags

cute etsy dog collarsAfter you have chosen from this wide range of adorable and fun Etsy dog collars, don’t forget to add a cute dog tag, like these fun ones from the Etsy shop, Bad Tags. Available in a barrage of colors, styles, sayings for every type of dog.

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cute etsy dog collars

Glow in the Dark Dog Tags


Glow Dark Dog Tags

Is this a fabulous idea for dog owners who like to walk their dogs at night. These glow in the dark dog tags from the Etsy shop, BadTags, are also ideal in the winter months when it is dark from 5 pm to 5 am. These will keep you and your dog nice and safe. Plus, they feature very cute, sometimes rude but always fun sayings on them so you can pick one that is precisely right for the personality of your pooch.

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Glow Dark Dog Tags

Dog Collar Bandana

Dog Collar Bandana

How cute, not to mention chic, will your dog look wearing a colorful and stylish dog collar bandana from the Etsy shop, ThreeWags. The bandanas come in are a variety of different colors and styles. Plus, there are even ones that indicate if your dog is deaf or a service dog. But seriously, how adorable does he look? Get a bunch of different ones for them to wear every day of the week so that when you are at the dog park, they are definitely the best dressed most stylish pooch there. Nothing like a little dog envy!

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Funny Dog Tags

Funny dog tags on Etsy Show your dog’s true personality with funny dog tags like this one, “Can’t Hold My Licker” from BadTags on Etsy. With hundreds of other cute, sometimes funny, sometimes rude but mostly adorable sayings, you are sure to find the dog tag that is right for your pooch! And they simply attach right to their current collar. We think they also make really cool gifts for the dog owner, dog lover, dog groomer, dog walker, dog sitter – just how many dog people are in your life?

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Dog Detangler Treatment

dog detangler treatment

Does your dog’s fur constantly get tangled? If you want them to have a flawless, shiny coat, then you need a good dog detangler treatment like the Good Clean Dog. This is all natural pet care from the online store, Formularly55. This detangler will instantly soften, smooth and detangle any dog’s hard to manage fur. Plus, the natural ingredients mean that it is safe for your dog without any of those nasty chemicals. Just apply and brush your dog and you are good to go!

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Dog Treat Bag

dog treat bag

Dog Treat Bag

So how cute is this dog treat bag that you can simply attach to your dogs leash so treats are always at the ready? You frequent dog walkers know the advantage of this! The best part is that the pouch even has a pocket on the back to hold your phone or iPod so you are truly hands free. Plus, the world flag print is so colorful and fun. It is from the Etsy store Cody Creations. Sorry, dog treats not included.

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Cool Dog Stuff


cool dog stuff

Want some cool dog stuff? How about even some cool stuff for your cat too? Here are some great finds to check out that would make awesome gifts for your dog, cat or pet (or any pet owner).

Dog collars from Pup Panache, Cat collar tag from Pet Blessings, Dog tug toy from MooTugs, Monthly Pet Box from Smoosh Box, Dog tags from Bad Tags, Nose balms from The Blissful Dog, Pet portrait from Sketchbook Gallery, Custom cat pillow from Casacova, Bow pineapple dog collar from BW Bakery, Dog bed from Handsome Mountain.

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Dog Paw Butter

dog paw butterIn honor of #NationalKidsAndPetsDay we thought we would show a few great finds for pets. We particularly like the idea of this Dog Paw Butter from The Blissful Dog that will keep your dog’s paws nice and soft. It comes in a roll on so you simply roll onto your dog’s paws. How easy is that? A dog’s paws can take a beating, so you want to apply this butter to prevent chaffing and drying out and keep your pooch happy.

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