Cool Dog Stuff



cool dog stuff

Want some cool dog stuff? How about even some cool stuff for your cat too? Here are some great finds to check out that would make awesome gifts for your dog, cat or pet (or any pet owner).

Dog collars from Pup Panache, Cat collar tag from Pet Blessings, Dog tug toy from MooTugs, Monthly Pet Box from Smoosh Box, Dog tags from Bad Tags, Nose balms from The Blissful Dog, Pet portrait from Sketchbook Gallery, Custom cat pillow from Casacova, Bow pineapple dog collar from BW Bakery, Dog bed from Handsome Mountain.

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Dog Paw Butter


dog paw butterIn honor of #NationalKidsAndPetsDay we thought we would show a few great finds for pets. We particularly like the idea of this Dog Paw Butter from The Blissful Dog that will keep your dog’s paws nice and soft. It comes in a roll on so you simply roll onto your dog’s paws. How easy is that? A dog’s paws can take a beating, so you want to apply this butter to prevent chaffing and drying out and keep your pooch happy.

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Monthly Dog Subscription Box


Dog Subscription Box delivered monthly from Smoosh Box

If you really love your dog, show them each month by sending them this dog subscription box from the online store, Smoosh Boxes. Every month you and your dog will receive in the mail (hope your dog likes the mail man) a box full of different items, from dog treats to dog toys to other fun items all from independent online shops. It would also make the ideal gift to send to any dog owner. New surprises every month, your dog will love it!

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Stay Weird Dog Tag


stay weird dog tag

Even our pets need a little personal identification to be their authentic slef, like this Stay Weird dog tag from Bad TagsThere are many other fun phrases in their shop, so you are sure to find one that suits your particular dog’s personality and fun traits. But we like the size of it and how it simply hangs down from their collar for everyone to read. Get several and give them out to all of your dog owner friends. The ideal gift for dog walkers too!

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