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About Me

I’m e-commerce marketing consultant and blogger, Gail Oliver of Attention Getting Marketing. If you sell online, be sure to visit my blog Attention-Getting.com for weekly insights, marketing tips and the hottest trends in e-commerce.

Want to Submit a Product?

This is a free service that I offer to my customers at Attention-Gettting.com. If you have ever purchased a service or download from me, feel free to submit to me, taking the following into consideration:

  • Just send me ONE link to a product.
  • The product photograph must be high quality to be considered.
  • In the email subject line put: SUBMISSION FOR ONLINE SHOP LOVE.
  • This is a FREE service, so if I post your product, you must share the link on all of your social media sites.
  • All posts are optimized for Google search, therefore, this is long term traffic based on SEO, not social media views, as social media tends not to convert into sales as well as organic search.
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