Morning Coffee


Time to be inspired with the best of everything online this week! 

Who to follow … for uplifting quotes, the Happy Sloth Club is a good choice. 

How to do wellness … wonderful tips to start your winter wellness journey

What to read… GoodReads has posted their best books of 2021

What to shop small … handmade vegan bath and body products, leather guitar shaped purses, cute headbands for your daughters, cool boho vintage finds.

How to meet someone … online dating is about to make some changes.

Where to travel … 50 places to visit in 2022. 

How to update for spring … check out all the pretty pastels in IKEA’s spring collection

What to wanderlust … how about some breathtaking shots of Paris in winter

How to wellness ... the benefits of a dry January.

What to eat … healthy one-pot meals for January from Martha Stewart.

How to shape up … read Lifehacker’s 12 Most Motivating Fitness Posts of 2021.

What to DIY … you can make your own faux fur slide-on slippers you are seeing everywhere.

How to sleep better … here is a roundup of CBD sleep aid products.

How to celebrate the new year … gorgeous shot of New Year’s Eve in Moscow.

How to motivate … great quote to make the most of 2022.

What to read … if you are a small business owner, check out my Sunday Marketing Blast.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Morning Coffee. Check back next Sunday for another edition, and read previous Morning Coffees.

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