Support Black Business T-shirt

support black business tshirt

Did you know that August is National Black Business Month? Therefore what better time to post a support black business t-shirt, such as this bold one from the Etsy shop, TheYouBrand.

This unisex tee comes in sizes small to 5XL, and features the phrase, “Minding My Black Owned Business”. Still very chic for a tee, the colorful graphic pops off of the white cotton shirt. Why not pick up several for your staff to wear as well.

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Fireplace Mantel Brackets

metal black fireplace mantle brackets

Ready to do some home renovations for fall? Then these fireplace mantel brackets are ideal, especially to hold a rustic wood beam. Whether your decor is farmhouse, country or industrial, these black metal brackets have a streamlined buy stylish design.

From the Etsy shop, Industrial Farm Co, the four inch lip keeps your mantle beam securely in place, while the added concave support adds a nice architectural detail. These brackets are also ideal if you just wish to hang a wide shelf.

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Fancy Floral Face Mask

fancy face mask for wedding

Do you need a fancy floral face mask for a wedding, prom, graduation or other semi formal or formal event? Then this beautiful pink lilac face mask is perfect. It comes embellished with sequins, faux pearls and silk flowers, for just the right amount of bling.

From the Etsy shop, Ibadah Design, the mask is also safe, made of three layers cotton with a meltblown filter. A soft inner layer touches the face. The mask also has a nose wire and elasticized ear loops. See many other stylish designs in their shop, ideal for any occasion.

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Mudcloth Pillow Covers

Mudcloth Pillow Covers in rust and black

Don’t you love the exotic and ethnic vibe that Mudcloth pillow covers add to a room? These pillows here are from the Etsy shop Krinto and they use only authentic African Mudcloth. Richer in texture, genuine Mudcloth also has all of the slight imperfections that you expect from handmade fabric, and add to its rustic charm.

Black Mudcloth is a classic, but the hot rust colors of the reason will bring that warm feeling into your home. Plus, all of the various prints and patterns add a cool geometric feel.

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Tea Towel Ladder

tea towel ladder wooden

No place to hang your dish towels? This wooden tea towel ladder is a great solution and takes up little counter space. Just prop it in the corner of your kitchen, and this three rung ladder is all you need. From the Etsy shop, TheDunlapDesignCo, it is perfect for a small space. Comes in your choice of four different stains from black, grey, natural and dark walnut. The shop also has a large selection of tea towels, so make it a gift set for a friend!

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Black Women Abstract Art

strong black women abstract art etsy

What I really love about Etsy is that you can find the most amazing artists and artwork, including this whimsical black women abstract art piece.

From the Etsy shop, EdensArtGB, this original acrylic painting is entitled “Shades of Beauty”. Wonderfully engaging, it elegantly represents the various skin colors of black women from all over the world.

Isn’t it time you invested in some original art pieces for your walls, especially art that makes such a powerful statement?

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Mommy and Me Headbands

Mommy and me headbands floral etsy

Now you and your daughter can match in these floral Mommy and Me headbands. From the Etsy shop, ForMommyandMeShop, these top knot headbands are made from a soft and stretchy jersey knit.

The headband come in two widths – skinny and wide – and you can order them alone or as a set, and even an option to get one for her doll. Why not even get a third one for Grandma! The shop have close to 100 prints and patterns to choose from and the price is fabulous!

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Wooden Drop Hoop Earrings

Wooden drop hoop earrings etsy

Need a new go-to pair of earrings for the summer? These lovely wooden drop hoop earrings are made of a natural, unfinished wood on the bottom, and a clean white acrylic on top.

Capitalizing on the hot color block trend of the summer, the hoops also feature shiny and textured gold plated posts. The result is a chic and lovely neutral earring that you can wear with pretty much anything.

From the Etsy shop, taydunworth, be sure to check out the rest of her selection of affordable earrings.

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Hello Sunshine Wooden Wall Sign

Hello Sunshine Wooden Wall Sign

How cool is this Hello Sunshine Wooden Wall Sign with a sleek retro 70s vibe! From the Etsy shop, WitAndBumble, you can choose from eight different color stains for the rustic pine frame.

The sign itself measures 17 x 9, ideal for hanging above a shelf or a cabinet, and at 1.5 inches deep, you can even prop the sign on a table. Any way you display it, it will add some cheer and whimsy to your home decor.

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Waffle Cone Dog Collar with Sprinkles Bow Tie

Waffle Cone Dog Collar with Sprinkles Bow Tie

Seriously, how cute is this Waffle Cone Dog Collar with Sprinkles Bow Tie? You almost want to eat it! From the Etsy shop, Oh My Pawd, your pooch will be ready for when that ice cream truck comes a calling.

Meant to be a fun vanity collar for cute photo ops (like National Ice Cream Day in September!), it comes in sizes small to large and it can work as a cat collar just as easily!

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