Leather Utility Belt

leather utility belt with fringe for women

This very stylish genuine leather utility belt is from the Etsy shop, Ellko. It is a great option for carrying around your valuables and leaving your hands free – even to ride a bike! It easily rests on your side hip, much like a belt, and the long multi colored fringe gives it a very cool boho look. Definitely not your parents’ ugly fanny pack here! Ideal for travelling, attending all those summer music festivals and any other adventures you have planned this summer.

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Stylish Leather Fanny Pack

Leather Fanny Pack

Keep your valuables close by with this genuine leather fanny pack from the Etsy shop, Ellko LeatherIdeal for travelling or going to your favorite music festivals, the fanny pack is much more chic and edgy than your traditional ones. This one features a gorgeous soft brown leather, with lots of brass grommets, hoops and studs to really up the fashion factor. The wide belt is super comfortable and the snap pouch will easily hold your phone, wallet and keys. This is really a classic piece you will use for a lifetime.

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